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Speaking Out Loud and Clear, featuring Katheryn Basso, CEO of KADRI Clothing & Marine Corps Veteran
Episode 6723rd September 2022 • Veteran Voices • Supply Chain Now
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Having the right to speak up and feeling an obligation to speak out are two very different things. For many women in the military, standing out because of their gender makes them want to ‘go with the flow’ to fit in. But not all women – some view it as an opportunity to be the voice that speaks on behalf of everyone.

In this interview, Mary Kate Soliva welcomes Katheryn Basso, Founder and CEO of KADRI Clothing and a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, to talk about finding her voice in the military. It took her an entire year to tell her parents she had joined the Marines, but once she was in and had their full support, she was off on an entirely unplanned life journey.

Katheryn talks about:

• The opportunity she saw to design active clothes for women that not only fit but met the storage needs associated with rugged outdoor activities

• The important role that male officers and servicemembers play in ensuring women are treated and regarded fairly

• What it was like transitioning from Marine officer to civilian entrepreneur

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