The Blueprint for Financial Decision Making with Meg Bartelt
Episode 1072nd August 2021 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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Making big decisions in life is never easy, especially when it comes to making financial decisions. That is why for this week's episode I have invited a very special guest, Meg Bartelt.

Meg was my mentor when I first started running my business, and since then she has made such an overwhelmingly positive impact on me-- I want her to do the same for you.

From improving your decision-making to the best ways to learn financial planning, I'm sure Meg has something for you all to take away today.

So if you’ve been experiencing difficulties with managing your finances then this episode is just for you!    


>> Meg’s background 

>> How Meg built her team

>> How Meg developed her team

>> First thing you should do before making any decision 

>> Things people shouldn’t stress about when it comes to their finance

>> Best way to learn financial planning 

>> What inspires and motivates Meg to grow

>> Meg’s advice 

Connect with Meg 

>> Website

>> Twitter 

>> Facebook

>> LinkedIn

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