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01. What the hell is functional medicine? - Dr. Jeffrey Kalins
Episode 119th October 2022 • Face Your Shit, Heal Yourself • Meredith Ochoa
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What the hell is functional medicine?

Why is everyone talking about how evil wheat and corn are, and what does that have to do with leaky gut?

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Today we are chatting with my doctor and extraordinary human, Dr. Jeffrey Kalins.

After completing undergraduate school he finished one year of medical school in Paris but quickly realized that wasn’t how he thought healthcare should be provided. Unless under emergency conditions it never made sense to him to take out body parts and give someone toxic chemicals which we call ‘drugs’ to deal with symptoms. He always had an inquisitive mind, asking why, so he embarked on a search to find the profession that would prepare him to deliver health care, and not sickness care. He found that in chiropractic and applied kinesiology which opened a whole new world that he shares with us today.

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Clickable Timestamps

  • 02:20 - What led Dr. Kalins to Functional Medicine
  • 05:00 - Thyroid Issues
  • 06:28 - Blood tests & Menopause
  • 10:06 - Leaky Gut
  • 12:40 - What is functional medicine?
  • 16:29 - wheat, corn, rye & soy
  • 24:35 - What makes Dr. Kalin's style unique
  • 27:56 - Doctors are teachers
  • 29:50 - Biohacking with art

Key takeaways

  • why you should stop eating corn, wheat, rye & soy.
  • why blood tests don't reveal the root cause, and all that is occurring in your body.
  • what is leaky gut?
  • genetic modification of foods vs. hybridization and the impact on your body.
  • how your immune system takes care of cancer cells everyday.
  • The concept in your body of, 'out of time, with need'.

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