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Life Beyond the Game - Joe Hawley EPISODE 2, 7th October 2020
Tap Into Your Purpose with Jay Barnett
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Tap Into Your Purpose with Jay Barnett

This week we have my friend Jay Barnett on the podcast!

Jay Barnett is a former professional athlete turned author/speaker and Marriage & Family Associate. 

He has a transparent and relatable methodology that allows for an instant connection to our youth. Teaching of self-worth through the word as it related to empowerment, encouragement and most importantly mental stability.

King Jay is no stranger to adversities. However, with strength and faith, nothing seemed impossible for him. Expressing his past frustrations and how he overcame his experiences as a youth has led him to become powerful beyond measure along with his clinical methods.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How Jay dealt with his initial transition out of football and his struggle with depression and a sense of purpose
  • Knowing when to let go of what is no longer serving you 
  • Finding support groups and trusted spaces to sort through hidden trauma and express emotions
  • How spirituality has helped Jay find his purpose and passion outside of football 
  • Jay’s vision for the future

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