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Soul Led Leaders With Clare Josa - Clare Josa EPISODE 12, 15th January 2021
Lockdown Burnout - The Real Reason Why It's So Hard To Get Everything Done [Episode 12]
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Lockdown Burnout - The Real Reason Why It's So Hard To Get Everything Done [Episode 12]

Lockdown burnout has millions on their knees - exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed. The 'togetherness' that got us through the spring 2020 lockdown has disappeared. And those juggling work-from-home with school-at-home have dipped well below empty.

Shownotes & resources: http://www.clarejosa.com/soulledleaders/12/

Whether this describes how you're feeling, or you can see it in your friends and work colleagues, this episode of the Soul Led Leaders podcast is here to bring back some hope. It's the first in a series of five episodes about preventing lockdown burnout, packed with insights and strategies to shift you from stressed and surviving to finding your flow and your happy place again.

We're starting with answering the question: Why is it so hard to get everything done during lockdown? And hint - it's not all about time!

What you'll cover in this episode:

  • The problem with how we're currently working
  • The impact of hypervigilance
  • Mind-story drama and the stress cycle
  • Why this affects our ability to concentrate, meaning things take much longer - aka which day of the week is it?!
  • The 4 Ps of Imposter Syndrome, and how these become a lockdown time-suck
  • How to calm your nervous system and get back in flow, in under sixty seconds, for free

Shownotes & resources: http://www.clarejosa.com/soulledleaders/12/

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