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Rappers Over Thirty - Steven Laws EPISODE 14, 25th February 2021
ROT 014 The KAOS Network open mic with Ben Caldwell

ROT 014 The KAOS Network open mic with Ben Caldwell

In this episode: Imp ask his podcast listeners to find inspiration to do the right thing in regards to diet, fitness, business, relevance, and killing “Willie Lynch Syndrome in the Black Community”. He shares tells a story of how he got sick from breathing in asbestos during a roofing job and the importance of wearing a mask. He invites listeners to make a contribution by cash app’ing $RappersOverThirty

Imp interviews “Ben Caldwell” an artist, director, educator, independent filmmaker and mentor, who offers professional advice and support through his Leimert Park "KAOS Network" in Los Angeles, California. Most hip hop heads know his “KAOS Network” location to be the home of the legendary open-mic venue known as the "Project Blowed". Ben tells some fascinating stories and we get an insight on Ben's life, art, politics, and community involvement.

The songs of the day are:

“Real In The City” by Ms. Toi - Here

“Old Dog New Tricks” by Imp The Great, Medusa, and Konvick - Email Request

“Wyld In The West” by Neb Luv, Gonzoe, Shady Ray, Ms. Toi, and DJ 2 High - Here

“Nights Over Cali” featuring Kwaz, Elway Da Gr8, Ms.Toi, Calise - Here

“CARE” by Neb Luv feat Kory Stew - Here 

“Poetry And Tragic At The Same Time” by K-waz The Lyrical Psycho - Here

“Ben Caldwell” Links:

Film: “Sankofa City” - - https://vimeo.com/211625350

Sankofa City will explore the nexus of emerging technology, art, and community-based urban design, to provide visions for the future of local innovation and cultural development in Los Angeles.

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