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Trailer18th August 2021 • Podcasting Strategy • Juergen Berkessel
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This show explores podcast-based content marketing strategies and stories for organizations and entrepreneurs.

I’m Juergen, founder of the Polymash digital strategy agency. Really the origin of our agency was the fact that NONE of our clients liked to create and write their own content. Does that sound familiar? But they all LOVED talking with others about their area of passion and expertise.

Podcasting As Content Strategy

And so we helped them launch podcasts. The funny thing was that initially we thought podcasting would be an easy fix. Of course we were wrong, podcasting, as many of you will know, can be a lot of work. But the point is that it is worth it. Over the years, we have honed in on strategies that maximize podcasting as a multi-channel content strategy.

Coming Up in Season 1

Season 1 is a short series of 4-5 episode that will explain how we, at Polymash, use the concept of “content syndication” for our own client podcasts. “Content Syndication” is basically about re-purposing content across many channels, and distributing that content as widely as possible.

Coming Up in Season 2

Season 2 will launch with some guests and stories of how entrepreneurs are using podcasting as a content strategy for their own business or personal growth.


By way of quick background: We at Polymash have launched dozens of podcasts, produced over 3,000 episodes. We have been doing this successfully since 2014. Our clients range all the way from the UN and Pfizer to smaller non-profits, businesses and entrepreneurs.

So I hope you are curious to learn more — as well as hear from our guests. So follow us and subscribe at