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Happiness and meaning with Paul Baker
Episode 3522nd January 2021 • Old Fox Young Fox • Old Fox Young Fox
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Practical philosopher Paul Baker takes the Old Fox Young Fox team on a journey through his life and what he has discovered of happiness and meaning along the way.

In a story that ranges from Eton to pioneering microlights, and from meditation to lessons from ancient greece, we cover a lot of ground and put a few ideas to rest along the way.

About the show

Old Fox Young Fox is an intergenerational conversation between Jeremy Woolwich and Oliver Happy, one that explores the impacts of a rapidly changing world.

Show mentions:

  • 04:30, 05:30 if i look for meaning what would happen
  • 06:30 going from meaninglessness to meaning
  • pascal's wager
  • 08:30 what if this is your one life...leaving the world better off
  • 10:20 the thing i learned from hang gliding
  • 12:00, 37:30 permaculture is...
  • 13:30, 15:30 the alexander technique
  • The Alexander technique
  • incorrect sensory perception
  • the habit of thought
  • the U.S. election
  • 18:33 frog into boiling water
  • the boiling the frog concept
  • NLP
  • virginia
  • castell
  • milton ericcson
  • fritz furls
  • john mcquerther NLP
  • Hypnotherapy
  • 22:20 definition of hypnotherapy
  • 24:30 magic and science
  • book - Yiral harare - homo deus
  • 25:30 human beings are complex
  • 28:30 the most important thing any living thing can do
  • documentary - the social dilemma
  • 30:15 one of the reasons we are more fragmented than ever <-------
  • 31:15, 32:50 a bristol engineer, staying curious <-----
  • martial arts
  • civil engineering
  • UN report: a common future
  • 33:30, 34:47 UN report and climate change took a week to understand <----
  • Quakers
  • Oxfam
  • William Waldergrave MP Bristol
  • 35:30, 37:00 what can we do to create a fair world <---
  • the environmental movement
  • karl henrique robere - Swedish Doctor and Karate champion
  • Karate
  • 38:00 Karl henrique robere wanting a consensus between scientists in sweden <--------
  • 39:30 how to be unsustainable
  • 42:00 there are 3 environments - social human environment
  • mesopotamian myths
  • 45:00 the yin yang symbol and seeking balance as humans <-----
  • 50:40 we are a part of nature, we are struggling with a need to conserve
  • 52:30 the magic of life as a gardener
  • Veganism and evolutionary theory
  • 57:30 the difficult thing for humans as hunters and gatherers
  • 1:02:00 when we eat we should be grateful
  • 1:06:00 the most impt rule - look after your environment
  • book: hindsights guy kawasaki
  • 01:27:00 quality of our reacting ...systemic nature of our actions <--
  • 01:29:00 the power of three

About our guest:

Paul Baker is a practical philosopher most interested in how we as individuals can help each other to live lives that get better and better. A coach, therapist and trainer, Paul can be reached via the email below.

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