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How to be authentic
Episode 3129th October 2020 • Start Marketing • Katlynn Pyatt
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In marketing being authentic translates to being honest and transparent. This may sound counterintuitive to you when it comes to marketing because often, people substitute advertising for marketing, when really, advertising is a sub-set of marketing and they don’t always associate the best reputation with advertising. But, trust me, authenticity is critical to successful marketing and advertising.

In this episode I discuss why it's important to be authentic in branding and marketing and how to do it.

On the surface, it might sound really obvious to say “your brand should be authentic”. Nobody’s going to object to that until it comes time to actually create the brand or execute against it. 

When you’re authentic, you’re going to:

-       Inspire the right people at the right time

-       Build your credibility and authority within your industry

-       Be relatable to your ideal customers

-       Build trust

-       And encourage engagement. 

Be authentic by:

  • getting your brand in place
  • make sure you have a marketing strategy in place
  • know your ideal customer
  • interact respectfully & add value

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