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Changing the Lives of Wounded Veterans With Cowtown Warriors
Episode 259th March 2021 • Winning Strategies Playbook • Jeremy Spann
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In this episode(25) of Winning Strategies Playbook, our host and real estate expert Jeremy Spann interviews 4 United States Marines involved with the non-profit organization Cowtown Warriors.

This episode is near and dear to Jeremy’s heart, as he is the founder of Cowtown Warriors. This organization helps wounded veterans coming back from combat and helping their lives in a positive way. Cowtown Warriors is extremely unique where in their 7 years, 100% of ALL donated dollars have gone straight to help veterans. This isn’t a joke, every single dollar donated directly helps these vets who are in need of assistance after protecting our freedoms in the great USA! (Caution, this episode contains strong language)

Here is the link to Cowtown Warriors' website if you are interested in connecting with him!

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