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Transform with Quantum Energy with Joshua Bloom
Episode 19115th January 2024 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial & Brenda Carey
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Stacy Musial and Brenda Carey discuss shifting and transforming our lives through quantum healing.

Joshua transformed his life with an amazing process that has helped transform the lives of thousands of spiritually-minded people including empaths and sensitive souls for the past 20+ years. Now he’s here to help you shift your energy and transform your life by using his powerful Quantum Secrets.  

Quantum Energy Transformation™, originated from life experiences from his personal breakdown to breakthrough and is based on the acclaimed researcher’s revolutionary study and discoveries in Quantum Biology. Dr. Lipton's science proves that Quantum Energy Transformation™ works. He empowers his students and clients to completely release a multitude of ailments.

Joshua is a Trusted Authority on the application of Quantum Transformation, the Host of ‘Emotionally Free TV,’ and has been featured internationally on both radio shows, podcasts, and TeleSummits.

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