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A Prediction and a Call to Action
8th August 2022 • Institute of Men • Keaton Tucker
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Over the next 20 years neo-Marxism will continue to demolish enlightenment liberalism (established post WWII) till all that remains is Neo-Marxism and Christianity. Since one of the core tenants of Marxism is dissolution of the family AND Christianity, the best things churches in the west can do is build strong families with strong generational ties up to grandparents.
Over the next 5-10 years
The churches who can give a compelling theological vision of the FAMILY will be the churches people seek.

For the men: Fatherhood, Husband, and Manhood.
For the Women: Motherhood, Wife, and womanhood.

Deconstruction of Christianity is rooted in enlightenment liberalism fused with critical theory. “I am free and autonomous, therefore I can interpret how I choose” (enlightenment liberalism)and “we must pull apart all that has not promoted freedom and autonomy”(critical theory). Both of these pathways lead to neo-marxism in the form of racial and sexual identity.


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