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Episode 126: 3-Year Anniversary Spectacular! (Feat. Paige Lockhart, Jamie Campbell, Mark Orr, and Ben Auxier)
Episode 1266th January 2022 • Audio Obscura • Audio Obscura
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It's Our Three-Year Anniversary Spectacular! Thanks to all the amazing listeners for three years of fun! Joining us to celebrate are Paige Lockhart, Jamie Campbell, Mark Orr, and Ben Auxier. Foster and David share the obscurist's chair and fuel themselves with Subway sandwiches and Rollos. Paige and Mark have reached the 5-timer's club and Ben has broken everything with a record 6 times on the show! Jamie's had his show plugged. Paige studies a shrimp's sound skills. Mark is lighting up like a child on Christmas. Foster's depression is child's knee-shaped. David requests some special editing from Foster. Ben calls his dad. Enjoy! #EnlargieMargies


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