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Leading Through LOSS and CONFLICT with Sven Lauch
Episode 6415th July 2021 • Leading People First • Chris Lin
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As humans, we often shy away from scenarios that make us uncomfortable or nervous. Don't worry, it’s our brains trying to protect us. The thing is, great people first leaders don’t shy away from loss or conflict, they embrace it.

Sven Lauch, Tedx speaker and founder of Eyes Up Training came on the Leading People First podcast to share how we need to raise emotionally intelligent leaders to be able to handle and lead through loss and conflict.

In this episode, Sven and Chris Lin also discuss Sven's upbringing in communist Germany, his experience in the army, the importance of emotional logic, and embracing conflict.

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Sven's Tedx Talk:

Sven on the Adelaide Entrepreneur Club podcast:

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