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Rick Koenig talks to The Dark Master
Episode 7428th May 2024 • Living Martial Arts • Master Ray Gayle
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Rick Koenig embarked on a remarkable journey when he began martial arts training at 4. Growing up in New Jersey, Rick had a unique upbringing, as their father owned pizzerias, where they actively participated in running and working.

In later years, Rick transitioned into the security world, working at nightclubs in Philadelphia and New Jersey. During this time, Rick had the opportunity to cross paths with notable figures like Paul Wight II and provided security for legendary individuals such as Mike Tyson and Dennis Rodman.

However, life took a challenging turn as Rick found himself entangled in "mob connections," leading him down a troubling path that ultimately resulted in imprisonment alongside his father in the maximum-state security prisons of the Department of Corrections in New Jersey.

Upon Rick's release, he exhibited resilience and determination by purchasing and owning MMA facilities while pursuing a career as a professional fighter in the late 1980s. In 2009, Rick relocated to Branson, Missouri, and opened his MMA school.

In martial arts, Rick played a significant role in training law enforcement personnel and even became a member of the 1% Biker's Club, showcasing his commitment to the craft.

Life dealt Rick further challenges as he faced separation and the heart-wrenching disappearance of his oldest son for two years. Although his son was eventually found, his son's passing under suspicious circumstances cast a shadow of doubt and conspiracy theories.

Rick courageously confronted his struggles with alcohol addiction, triumphing over this formidable adversary. Today, Rick has transitioned into his full-time role at his gym, dedicating his energy to training others and serving as an inspiration, leader, and mentor. His journey is a testament to resilience, personal growth, and the unwavering pursuit of a better future.

I hope you enjoy our chat.

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