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S3E34: The 'Lessons' Template - 3 Lessons from Stand-Up Comedy - #30DPETC Day #24
Episode 12517th August 2022 • Crash Course in Podcasting • Deadset Podcasting | @deadsetpod
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Topic = In Today's episode Josh shares 3 lessons he's learned doing Stand-Up Comedy that he is trying to apply to his Podcasts.

  1. You need to pump out a lot of mostly bad material, before you start getting mostly good (or great) material. Self-examination and honest critique of the moments that worked (and those that didn't work) is how improvement happens. You Need to Listen to Yourself!
  2. Tangents and Side-Stories might only make the storytelling more enjoyable for the Storyteller, and not for the Listener.
  3. There's No Skipping Time on the Mic.

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