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How Differences Inspire New Ways of Thinking and Moving Through the World
Episode 119th November 2021 • Let's Connect For Good • Alicia Sternberg-Llanos
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One of the things that make us human is connection - between those we know and those we would want to know. It’s that sense of connection that opens us up to different perspectives and experience togetherness.

Adele Myers, Founder and Artistic Director at the Miami-based dance company Adele Myers and Dancers (AMD), found her life’s purpose within the artistic community using the power of connection. As a ‘tilted thinker’, she always stood out from others in her views, choices, and actions, and it led her into a path not many people made a life out of - inside art, dance, and choreography.

Today, Adele joins Alicia to talk about her journey as an artist, coach, and collaborator, founding her own dance company, teaching dance to female athletes and male and female theatre majors, and empowering women to explore possibilities and turn obstacles into opportunities. They also discuss the artists’ way of thinking about their craft, sustaining amid the pandemic, and using their gift to give back to the community.

You’ll also hear: 

  • How to use humor to put the audience at ease during life performances 
  • How to empower females to realize the power of their presence and occupy the spaces they deserve
  • How to turn any negative situation into positive
  • Why we grow more confident in our thinking as we become older

Meet The Guest...

Adele Myers is a professor, producer, director, dancer-choreographer, artist, writer, coach, and collaborator. She’s the Founder and Artistic Director at the Miami-based Adele Myers and Dancers (AMD), a national touring contemporary dance theater company for female athletes. Adele finds her purpose in creating communities of like-minded thinkers, helping spark new ideas and blurring existing lines.

Time Stamps...

[00:00] Get to know your host Alicia Sternberg-Llanos and her reason for starting LCFG

[02:21] Building resilience (Alicia’s story)

[03:39] How and why should you put yourself in someone else’s position?

[04:21] Alicia talks about her decision to start the podcast

[05:41] Meet Adele, our guest for today’s episode

[07:00] Why Adele calls herself a ‘tilted thinker’

[08:34] Adele talks about her company, Adele Myers and Dancers, and how they uplift females to live the life they deserve

[08:46] How to put your audience at ease during a performance using humor

[14:10] The trip on the ocean liner

[19:17] Adele’s experience teaching dance classes at her institute and why she named it Movers and Shakers

[24:08] What is ‘Twist’?

[31:45] Connection - Adele talks about giving back without expectations

[32:11] Why Adele named their panel, ‘Creative Rigor: How Artists Turn Obstacles Into Possibilities’

[33:16] Adele’s mantra as an educator and mentor

[40:52] Why you need to allow female candidates to take up more space

[44:08] Adele’s closing advice for the listeners 

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