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The Successful Encore Career Podcast - Employment For Seniors EPISODE 126, 20th January 2020
Brett Johnson, Circle270Media Podcast Consultants
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Brett Johnson, Circle270Media Podcast Consultants

Over the past two years, Brett and I have talked to many individuals who have moved from one career to another – pursuing their “encore opportunity”. Today I am putting Brett in the “hot seat” as he has also successfully moved into a new career. Brett moved from a long career in radio broadcasting and sales to open his own company, Circle270Media Podcast Consultants, as an expert in podcasting helping many organizations throughout Central Ohio utilize this great new media method and technology!

Were there accomplishments you reached over the years that would eventually help you in this career change?

You brought strong transferable skills to your new company – can you discuss your evaluation of such skills and how you utilized that knowledge in your discussions with new clients?

Were there opportunities you pursued that supported your career move?

Adults 50+ have a variety of reasons for changing employment. Starting a business takes an even larger jump – whether it is for career fulfillment, or financial needs. However, there are many barriers in creating a company. As an older Gen X, did you ever feel age was an issue? What were the other challenges you faced?

Do you see self-employment for older adults as an important part of our economic growth? Do you see the creation of your company as an important step for your family, community, and even your career colleagues?

We are always interested in clients’ educational background and the types of training or “life-long learning” they may have pursued over the years. Tell us about yours and is there some topic/class/workshop/conference/program which made a significant difference in your career path?

Circle270Media provides a wide array of services to clients including content marketing, content creation, audio production/recording and broadcasting. Would you give our audience an overview of your work and how you assist clients in their efforts to utilize this new technology?

What are the top 3-4 steps you feel our listeners can utilize should they be considering a career change that takes them into self-employment? What should they consider as they venture into a new career journey?

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