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EP10 | Changing your mind and understanding what you're directions can be (with Francesca Cornell)
Episode 1028th May 2021 • The Importance of Staying Earnest • Proxemics
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Hello and welcome to The Importance of Staying Earnest where we chat about the trenches of taking on a career in the arts.

This is the penultimate episode and our final guest of Series 1, and it's a good one! We're sitting down with Francesca 'Cesca' Cornell, another old friend whose story is one we think is not uncommon in the creative industries. She went through the process of changing her mind on what she wanted to do. It seems strange that there's a taboo on this perfectly normal mindset and we break down what her decision was to change her direction from being a trained Jazz Singer towards an endeavour to pursue Musical Theatre.

Changing your mind in any profession is a freedom that everyone is owed but there's a lot of baggage and anxiety that can come with it. We go into it all (and have a laugh or two).

So grab a tea or something stronger and come along as we try to find some direction in our lives...

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