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Robin Steely, DDS - The Ceiling of Dentistry is Up to YOU
Episode 819th January 2022 • Dentistry Uncut • Nathan Courtney & Isaiah Douglass
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In this show, Dr. Robin Steely of Robin P. Steely DDS - Oral Fitness for Life joins the podcast to share his journey and experiences. The concept of Oral Fitness for life is so unique and we unpack that throughout the episode. We discuss:

  • Early influences on why dentistry.
  • Why being open to failing - lead him to experiment and grow quicker.
  • How he fought through early career burn-out and reinvented his practice model.
  • The idea of the disease care model vs. preventing.
  • Why dentistry is 85% behavioral and 15% clinical.
  • Retaining talent over the years and building a practice culture.
  • His new patient interview and onboarding process.
  • The CE and instructors who helped him the most.
  • AND so much more

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