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The Fableman's: A Spielberg Storytelling Masterpiece - A Film Review
Episode 2595th March 2023 • One More Thing Before You Go • Michael R Herst
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In this episode of Over The Teacup Sunday, we're going to wrap up what we could accomplish with our limited series about the 2023 Oscar nominated films and talent. Today we're going to explore The Fablemans, the 2023 Oscar nominated film produced and directed by Steven Spielberg. This film is loosely based on Spielberg's childhood and is the story of Sammy Fabelman, as a young man from seven to eighteen. Through Sammy's journey, we discover a shattering family secret, a true purpose in life to create movies, and the power of those movies to help us see the truth about each other and ourselves.

The Fablemans is produced and directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg. Starring Michelle Williams, Gabriel LaBelle, Paul Dano, and Judd Hirsch, this film is a loose adaptation of Spielberg's childhood growing up in post-World War II era Arizona and how he moved to California changed everything.

 The film steeped in nostalgia and emotion. Set in post-World War II Arizona, we follow a young man named Sammy Fabelman (Gabriel LaBelle) as he discovers a shocking family secret. We follow him through his childhood, adolescence and young adulthood as he explores the power of films and how they can help us to understand the truth about ourselves and each other. It is not an easy task, as he faces daily bullying from his classmates and a strained relationship with his parents. Through it all, he finds solace in the movies he watches, finding an escape in the stories and characters that he watches on the big screen.

The performances from the cast are simply outstanding. Michelle Williams and Paul Dano both give nuanced and heartfelt performances as Sammy's parents, while Gabriel LaBelle captures the wide-eyed innocence of Sammy as he navigates through his own personal journey. Judd Hirsch is a standout as Sammy’s Grandfather, but the entire cast is excellent, but it's LaBelle who truly stands out among the rest. The younger Sammy is played by Mateo Zoryan, his sisters through the years are played by Keeley Karsten, Alina Brace, Julie Butters, and Birdie Borria and they all do a brilliant job!

 The Fablemans explores the importance of family secrets and how the power of movies can help us to come to terms with them. Overall, this movie is a powerful and moving film that will leave you thinking and feeling. The performances of the actors, the beautiful cinematography, and the examination of the power of movies makes this an incredible film that captures the pain, anguish, and joy of growing up, as well as the power of friendship, love, and family and it should not be missed.

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