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The Gerry Anderson Podcast - Anderson Entertainment EPISODE 122, 12th October 2020
Pod 122: Richard James performs Brand New Space Precinct!
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Pod 122: Richard James performs Brand New Space Precinct!

Space Precinct is among Gerry Anderson's more underrated programs, but many of you have been rediscovering it thanks to the recent DVD release and Demeter City book. Richard James, who was in Space Precinct (as you may not know since he doesn't talk about it) has revisited Planet Altor in short story form, now available as an audiobook from the Gerry Anderson Store or from Big Finish! This week he shares a complete story with us for FREE!

01:07 Musical introduction and 10 word challenge (only 10!)

04:29 FAB Facts

09:05 Podsteron emails and questions

14:45 Gerry Anderson News

22:51 Tweets from listeners - A Doctor Who novel based on Gerry Anderson?

29:22 Point Blank: A Space Precinct short story written and read by Richard James!

01:02:41 More messages from our Podsterons

01:09:39 Chris Dale's Ever-Engaging Randomiser

01:33:35 Wrapping things up

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