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Spirit Babies and Pink Starlights with Lynsi Eastburn
Episode 10815th August 2022 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial
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Stacy and Brenda talk to Lynsi Eastburn, the creator of HypnoFertility. We discuss her work in HypnoFertiity and how she began her journey. We discuss various techniques to help women increase their chance of pregnancy. We talk about spirit babies and the pink light frequency. What is the Pink StarLights and their purpose and how this relates to Indigo children. What the messages Pink StarLights are sharing with the world.  What is their vibrational frequency like? How Pink Starlights are supporting our planet right now. How we tap into this unconditional love energy. How Pink StarLights are behind the arduous fertility struggle many people may have been living. She shares some Pink StarLight meditations that people can do.

Lynsi Eastburn is the creator of HypnoFertility and is the world’s first and only established expert in the field of hypnosis to promote fertility. Doctors and fertility clinics worldwide support Lynsi’s program.  As infertility affects millions of people in the United States, Lynsi offers an alternative option to help. She has worked with thousands of people in their fertility journeys through her global practice. Lynsi frequently works with the most difficult cases. Patients are referred to her when other practitioners have run out of options, when medical treatments or repeated protocols that should work do not.  Her innovative style effectively blends the worlds of science and spirit and through her private practice, 3Keys® HypnoFertility, Lynsi teaches others her own techniques to help those struggling with infertility to increase their chances for a healthy baby.   Lynsi is also the author of three books on HypnoFertility.

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