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#15 Are We Being Hypnotised?
Episode 157th December 2022 • Live - Love - Learn with Catherine Edwards • Catherine Edwards
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Mass Formation Psychosis, Collective Consciousness - How much are we really in control of our thoughts and how does this affect our reality?

In this Podcast with Danielle (The Single Truth podcast) & Nirmala from @sacredsciencepodcast, we have a roundtable discussion on these issues - do let us know what you think!

Key Takeaways:

  • Awareness is key - once you see it you can’t unsee it! 
  • How sacred geometry can help us understand and make better decisions;
  • Hypnosis is not just an individual experience with things like hypnotherapy etc, it can happen on a collective level. Either on a large scale within countries, societies or on a smaller scale within families.
  • Mass Formations Psychosis / Collective consciousness are real! 
  • When we’re aware of hypnosis, we are much better equipped to deal with it and step away from it. 
  • We are all on our own individual journeys, but all of our purposes are the same: to evolve and to take our journey to the next step. 
  • Hypnosis starts in childhood, and from 0-7 years old, we are in a brainwave state that makes us more susceptible to it - but most people do not realise as adults we are being constantly hypnotised by repetition in all media platforms & education; 
  • Social media helps to hypnotise us because their algorithms show us information that we already agree with. This limits our opportunities to see different viewpoints from our own.
  • Inner work is important to this journey of awareness, moving away from responding reactively, and creating boundaries.
  • Understanding how we can take back control of our minds at an individual level is key.

Episode Guest:

Danielle Matthews: In June of 2012 Danielle was hit by a drunk driver and sustained a traumatic brain injury, setting her life on a different course. Her inspiring story and perspective has touched thousands around the world. Her intention is to use what she learned to impact the lives of others by educating on mindsets, technologies, and techniques that can empower them to get the most out of life.

Danielle is the co-founder of The Single Truth Podcast - with some great content coming soon! 

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Episode Guest:

Nirmala Krishnan. 

Investigation into Quantum physics and the mystics of the universe and, the science behind energy, led Nirmala to further research the human geometry. As a holistic health practitioner and operating at the quantum level, Nirmala combines her unique abilities and knowledge of energy psychology, parapsychology, and decoding techniques to teach you how to initiate and embrace your transformation from within.

Nirmala is a certified Quantum Health coach, and holds a Bachelor in Holistic Health Science, Master’s degree, Doctorate, and PhD in Natural Medicine.

Nirmala’s specialty is in integrated real-time neurofeedback and brain wave synchronization.

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