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The Finish Line Pledge | Dr. Kealan and Cody Hobelmann
Episode 10824th May 2024 • Essentially Translatable • Lutheran Bible Translators
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In this episode of Essentially Translatable, dive into the concept of setting a financial finish line to start a journey of mission-minded generosity. Brothers Kealan and Cody Hobelmann, one a surgeon and the other a financial advisor, are founders of the Finish Line ministry and hosts of the Finish Line Podcast. During this episode they share their experience of life defined by generosity.  

Kealan shares a story of extreme prayer during a time of financial insecurity. By the grace of God Kealan made it through medical school without accumulating any debt. Since then, Kealan and his family have lived life defined by a financial finish line, one that focuses on setting a finish line on their annual spending, and then giving the rest away to other causes. Cody, seeing the impact this decision had on his brother, decided to also make a finish line pledge. Through his gift of generosity, Cody has found inspiration in the many organizations that are advancing access to the Gospel through Bible translation.  

This episode explores the possibilities of setting a financial finish line to achieve contentment and redirecting your focus towards God's mission. Learn about the practical impacts of living within this financial boundary, such as how to create a Finish Line Pledge, and how to research what options are available to donate to. Kealan and Cody’s story is a compelling testimony on the impact of a generous life, being rooted in faith, and focusing on personal fulfillment by being involved in a broader community.   


  • Dr. Kealan and Cody Hobelmann are founders of the Finish Line ministry and host the Finish Line Pledge podcast.  
  • Hear testimonies about the transformative effect of setting goals of generosity. 
  • Learn more about setting your own Finish Line pledge here 




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