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Cost Concerns Associated with Property Management
Episode 7929th June 2024 • WeAreTPM • Teixeira Property Management LLC
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In this episode, John and Kyle dive deep into the cost concerns associated with

property management. Building on last week's discussion on DIY property

management, this episode addresses the statement, "Is professional property

management worth the cost?" The hosts provide empirical data and expert insights to

back their discussion, offering a detailed examination of property management fees,

rental income optimization, occupancy rates, eviction costs, and maintenance


Professional property management often seems like an added expense to property

owners, but Kyle and John make a compelling case for why it pays off in the long run.

The hosts also explore the nuances of handling evictions, highlighting how property

managers can mitigate costs more effectively than landlords due to their expertise and

established legal processes.


• ”The bottom line is, hiring a property manager should make you more money after

you pay them these fees.” ~John

• "You should be getting bulk pricing or non-retail prices from a good property manager

because contractors know they're getting constant business from us.” ~John

• "In Seattle, professionally managed properties saw a 12% higher rental income

compared to self-managed properties over a two-year period.” ~Kyle

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