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Resilience & Writing a Story of Possibility with Katie DePaola
Episode 42nd April 2021 • Everyday Innovation • Jordan Divecha
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Katie DePaola is a wonderful fellow female founder (& CEO of Inner Glow Circle) that I connected with a couple of years back at a Girlboss retreat. She recently released her book At Least You Look Good: Learning to Glow Through What You Go Through  -- and, as an early reader for her launch, I remember being immediately pulled in by her authenticity and the unique structure of her storytelling. Katie has had to overcome Lyme disease, the unexpected loss of her brother, a broken engagement, and other challenges that have required a high level of resilience just to get to the other side--but she's managed to thrive and inspires others to heal and rewrite their stories, as well.

We discuss ideas including examining your experience, being open to possibilities that stretch beyond your current perspective, the role of resilience in innovation, practices to move through the ups and downs of life, trusting your intuition and body, and the power of writing and rewriting  your story to discover your purpose and change your life.

Make sure to connect with Katie on social media, check out Inner Glow Circle for accredited life coach certification + awesome events, and buy her book to dig deeper into her journey of healing and the wisdom from which we can all benefit.

Inner Glow Circle 

Instagram - @itskatiedepaola @innerglowcircle

Book- At Least You Look Good: Learning to Glow Through What You Go Through  

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