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#054 - Hospitality Meets David Hart - The Humble Hotel CEO
Episode 5420th January 2021 • Hospitality Meets... with Phil Street • Phil Street
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Q. What does it take to become a Hotel CEO?

A. There are very different paths and today's guest demonstrates that point perfectly.

We got some time with always excellent David Hart, CEO of RBH Hospitality Management and most definitely one of Hospitality's good guys. David will take the reigns in his role more or less a week after this episode is released.

We chat about lots including accounting, Glasgow, listening to your own voice, CEO’s who talk to themselves, culture, turning around redundancy situations, job offers in economic crisis, making the wrong decisions, the benefit of not burning bridges, Student accommodation, the evolution of hotels, the changing face of investment, the importance of the team, out of your depth lessons, letting people go, becoming a CEO, maximising your opportunities, I could go on and of course we cover off David's brilliant journey.

It's another insight into the varied journeys this incredible industry offers, even in the face of adversity.


Time Stamps

[2:19] - David is far too humble

[3:15] - Tragically an accountant

[3:56] - Phil knackers himself out 2 minutes in

[4:01] - Start talking about double entry and that’s everybody gone

[5:59] - Other cities other than Glasgow

[6:41] - You said the word Scottish about as Scottish as someone can say it

[19:23] - David demonstrates some incredible decision making

[22:53] - It also shows you that hospitality rules

[29:21] - Hospitality challenges come in all shapes and sizes

[35:36] - This is an upbeat podcast and I intend to keep it that way

[47:31] - I’ve still not re-joined the same company for the third time yet

[47:46] - In 18 months I got about 5 years of experience

[49:57] - If you are gonna leave then don’t ever show your face again

[53:38] - You might have finance Licked

[54:13] - We’ll never know if there would have been a better candidate

[61:07] - Glasgae Kisses

[62:32] - Survival is the new winning

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