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003: Changing Lives Through Mentorship with John Belcher
18th July 2018 • Do Well & Do Good • Dorothy Illson
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John Belcher got his start working at Google on the AdWords team. While there, he saw a gap between the average company’s advertising goals and their ability to actually leverage paid traffic to achieve them profitably. John has personally managed over $5 million in ad spend, consulted on another $20 million, and helped clients to raise series A funding, five times their monthly recurring revenue in eight short months. John prides himself on his ability to effectively teach others and has a passion for helping people to discover their value. He gives back extensively by donating his time to help people acquire the skills they need to be able to earn more money, support their families and better their lives.


Show Notes:

  • What beliefs about money did John’s family instill in him growing up?
    • He was instilled with a blue collar work ethic that didn’t value money first, but lost some education on investments.
  • How did John rewire his mindset to start charging what he is really worth?
    • He identifies what amount of money it is worth for him to do that work and what is fair for the client.
  • Is John’s approach to business something his clients recognize?
    • He tends to try to work with people he enjoys so often times it is something that is recognized without saying.
  • Was John’s entrepreneurial drive always a goal of his?
    • It wasn’t something that he identified early on in life but happened upon during his career.
  • What were some of the challenges for John in making his career change?
    • He found comfort in knowing that everyone experienced the entrepreneurial transition curve.
  • What advice does John have for someone who’s considering a partnership?
    • Knowing that even if you like who you are partnering with, if it isn’t the right fit, it may never work. “Your gut is never wrong.”
  • What would John say to someone who is looking for a partnership, but really doesn’t know where to look?
    • It’s hard to look for a partner, it’s more common to stumble upon them in an organic way.
  • For any of our listeners who wrestle with self-doubt, John advises to…
    • Don’t be the best by knowing more, but be better at building relationships with people that matter.
  • John’s role in giving and how it impacts him on a personal level?
    • Seeing people John has helped change their lives because of some small part he made better outweighs any negativity.
  • One thing that has been on of John’s most meaningful experiences of giving.
    • Watching one of his clients build confidence as they learn, which ultimately grew their cash flow and business.
  • Who has been John’s most impactful person in his journey to do well?
    • His mom.
  • Who has been John’s most impactful person in feeding your drive to do good?
    • His mentor, Kim Fedore.
  • What John does when he is having a bad day to get out of the funk.
    • Talk to his wife.
  • John’s book recommendation.
  • The next thing on John’s bucket list.
    • Australia
  • The worst and best piece of advice John has ever recieved.
    • Worst: Hustle and do it
    • Best: Learn how to talk to your customers
  • Places to reach John:
  • Check out as well!