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Episode 2: Where It All Began
Episode 212th October 2021 • The Remarkable Entrepreneur's Playbook • Deirdre Tshien
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Let me take you back to my A-HA! Moment, the journey I’ve been on and exactly why I was compelled to start this podcast with and for you.

This is not your average marketing or "Guru" podcast! We're invested in your growth and development - this is the start of your remarkable journey!

If you're looking to grow your audience in an authentic way, yet leverage strategies and tactics to create viralocity in your marketing, then this Playbook is exactly what you need.

We will cover one topic a week with 3 actionable steps you can take that week.

Our most successful listeners use this Playbook like a workshop EVERY WEEK! They jump into our free Facebook Group, The Remarkable Entrepreneur and leverage our team to work through what they have planned out to refine it even further!

DID YOU KNOW you can too? Head over to our free Facebook Group and create a new post about which episode you want to discuss with your thoughts and implementation plans, and get insights and feedback from the team and community, with a gap analysis!