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The British Food History Podcast - Neil Buttery EPISODE 3, 12th July 2021
Lent episode 3: Pagan Lent & Easter
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Lent episode 3: Pagan Lent & Easter

Originally released 8 Mar 2020.

*Best listened to on the second Sunday of Lent*

In this episode we look at Pagan aspects of Lent and Easter that have endured to the modern day and investigate how the Christian Church had to let folk keep some of their Pagan ways whilst simultaneously have them keep them at arm’s length. We look at the history behind two Pagan icons: eggs and hot cross buns. Neil gives his recipe for hot cross buns and visits Dormouse Chocolates, Manchester’s only bean to bar chocolatier to discuss eggs and the art of artisan chocolate making.

For episode notes, photos and recipes please visit https://britishfoodhistory.com/lent-podcast/

Written and presented by Dr Neil Buttery

Produced by Beena Khetani

Made in Manchester by Sonder Radio