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The Complexities Of The Leaky Gut
Episode 11st March 2021 • Untapped Podcast By Dave O'Brien • Dave O'Brien
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It’s a terminology that gets thrown around often, and in most instances completely dismissed in the medical world, yet could be one of the most fundamental health issues we are facing in modern society.

To understand that the gut lining is the most protective physical barrier in the human body and when its structure deteriorates it creates a whole cascade of negative reactions. So if you thought the tissue in your gut was indestructible then think again!

It’s just type 1 collagen and just like other areas where we have connective tissue like muscles, tendons and ligaments we can very much damage it. In this episode, Dave O'Brien breaks down what we have underestimated about the gut and how we can start to pick up the pieces and choose a pathway towards a more optimal health pathway.