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Episode 37th October 2020 • Adventures in a tuk tuk • tuktukjames
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Dilta’s Story

Dilta is one of the first women in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka to become a tuk tuk driver. She can be seen every day driving her pink tuk tuk taking small groups of excited children on the school run. Afterwards, she takes women to their daily jobs and every week takes the incense sticks she makes to market to sell. In the afternoons, she takes teenage girls to their afterschool classes. Their mothers are pleased to know that their daughters are safe travelling with Dilta and this gives them more time to work rather than chaperoning. Dilta has established her taxi business quickly. After word got around in her neighbourhood, she soon had a waiting list for school runs. Dilta was able to rent her pink tuk tuk knowing that she could manage the repayments every month out of her earnings. School runs are a good source of income as they are reliable, and this has had a positive impact on her children who are now performing better in school. They are both very proud of their mum.