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SHI CTO explains how their customers are adjusting to the pandemic
8th December 2020 • Druva's No Hardware Required • Druva's No Hardware Required
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Russ Cantwell, CTO of SHI international, joins W. Curtis Preston and Stephen Manley of Druva to explain how SHI's customers have been adjusting to the pandemic. He first talks about how they have adjusted their security posture out of necessity, allowing for some companies to have more modern security practices, methods, products and services. He also talks about how companies are using more and more SaaS services such as Microsoft365. We then discuss the idea of data-centric security (vs the traditional datacenter-centric model), and what that actually means. We finish the podcast with a discussion about what modern resiliency practices look like, where companies have gone from designing to avoid failure to design to expect failure – which is a perfect dovetail into the discussion on our next podcast on Kubernetes.

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