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Ep 31 - The Self Development Tools That Took Me From Being A Single Mum On Benefits To A Multi-Six Figure CEO
Episode 317th July 2023 • Make More Money without Selling Your Soul • Polly Lavarello
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Today, I'm talking about the self-development tools that took me from being a single mum on benefits to a multi-six figure CEO

It still surprises me to see how making the decision to launch myself as a personal brand opened up so many other opportunities for me.

I've had an incredible growth journey, and I want to share the insights and tips I picked up along the way because these tools can help you reach the next level as well.

Here are the highlights: 

(07:28) Ask for help! 

(09:27) Thinking like a CEO

(14:41) Learnings are baked into success 

(18:31) Being immensely visible 

(18:46) Prioritise your wellbeing as much as your strategy 

(22:24) Bring the human to your business

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