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The F*ck It Mantra with Deanna Seymour
Episode 5128th July 2021 • This Shit Works • Julie Brown
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A mantra is a word, a grouping of words, or sound(s), they are spoken or chanted aloud or they can be recited internally in your thoughts. By focusing the mind on one word, or thought, and nothing else, the mind stills, allowing what may be hidden to arise to our consciousness. 

Do they work? Well, many neuroscientists have proved that the repetitive sound and language of mantras can and do affect aspects of our life. 

So now I’m sitting here saying, great another thing for me to try to do and fail miserably at, another thing that I should be doing for myself but somehow can’t seem to get done. The truth is nothing, not even mantras are helpful if it forces you into some downward shame spiral of thinking that you suck because you can’t adopt them. 

Enter Deanna Seymour to talk about her failed journey with mantras and how she finally found one that stuck! 

Drink of the week: The Happy Buddha!

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