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Real-time Sales Enablement Tech That Gives Sellers Time Back To Sell More with Meitar Landau #028
Episode 2821st April 2023 • The Sales Consultant Podcast • Derrick Williams
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Meitar Landau is the Director of Sales and Customer Success for Prior to joining Winn she was in the Israeli Air Force for 5 years as a flight simulation instructor. She shares some cool stories about her time in the Air Force but what really stood out is how Winn’ai helped her become a stellar salesperson within 18 months and with no prior experience.

During our interview we cover various topics including the problem of alignment during growth stages and the complexity that’s associated with it. 

We discuss the adoption of Sales Playbooks as well as the inhibitors and best practices. 

Meitar shares data on the administrative burden placed on reps associated with maintaining data and introduces, a Zoom Meetings app that provides guidance on what to say and ask during live calls while capturing required data that the rep needs to enter into the CRM. 

We also unpack how their NLP engine works and how the ability to capture data during calls automatically creates a new perspective on rep development. 

We wrap up with a peek into their roadmap. Meitar shares that they are working on releasing Smart Recap Emails, an integration with a dialer for supporting cold calls, and more apps for the other virtual meeting platforms like Teams and Google Meetings. 

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Time Stamps:

[1:20] The problem of alignment during growth stages and the complexity that comes with that.

[6:50] Sales/SDR Playbook adoption. We discuss inhibitors and best practices to

[11:10] Meitar shares data on how much time reps are spending capturing and entering data into the systems/CRM. We walk through administrative burden placed on reps associated with maintaining data.

[17:36] She breaks down exactly how works and how it is used. Essentially, it is a Zoom Meetings App that’s running during your live calls providing guidance on what to say and ask. It also captures the structured field requirements that your CRM needs

[19:55] We unpack how their NLP engine works which handles capturing data during live calls.

[21:30] “Playbook Adherence %” is a new metric that emerges from this new ability. This creates a new perspective on rep development.

[24:00] Smart recap emails are on their product roadmap so reps won’t have to spend time writing follow up emails.

[25:25] Meitar talks about her background and how her first time selling was with so their tool was critical for her development.

[27:20] They are researching how they can integrate with a dialer so that they can support SDRs and sales reps during cold calls.

[29:33] We unpack her 5 years in the Israeli Air Force and how the skills she acquired transferred into her sales career.

[32:45] Teams and Google Meets are on the road map for 2023

[33:10] We walk through their onboarding process and how they help customers with playbook development. Then we get into how their pricing works.

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