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Beyond the Webinar - Cryo Storage
Episode 410th January 2022 • International IVF Initiative Podcast • The International IVF Initiative
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Welcome to Episode 4 of the I3 podcast and here we’re taking you backstage as each time we have a webinar, we all meet afterwards for what we like to call the “After party’ giving our panel the chance to discuss the conversation further and we are planning to share snippets of these conversations with you. This episode is our CRYO Storage, one of the most successful webinars, with lots of questions and scroll down to access a link to it.

What was discussed:

In this episode you will hear from the moderators: Dr. Kimball Pomeroy and Dr. Mathew Tomlinson as well as our speakers Dr. Mathew Tomlinson, Dr. Mitchel Schiewe and Colleen Marea Quinn. You will also hear from I3 Founders Jacques Cohen, Peter Nagy, Thomas Elliott and Giles Palmer

What was discussed: 

  • How forgotten embryos are handled in terms of consent and paperwork
  • What if an embryo is lost or something else goes wrong? 
  • What if there is damage in the freezing process
  • Costs and what is driving them up
  • Using video to cover yourself 
  • How there are so many couriers and samples moving about 
  • Missing embryos and who is to blame.  
  • Listen to the session here 





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