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I See Dead People (Ephesians 2:1-3) – Study 39
Episode 3922nd May 2020 • Deeper Christian Bible Study in Ephesians • NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson)
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Deeper Christian Bible Study in Ephesians • Study 39

God has a problem on His hands with humanity — we are a bunch of spiritual corpses.

We were dead in our sins and trespasses.

But God gave Himself upon the Cross so that we who were once in the kingdom of darkness could be redeemed and brought to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

At the start of Ephesians 2, Paul establishes a contrast from the life we once lived in sin and the flesh and the life we now have in Christ Jesus.

In this beginning message to the second chapter of Ephesians, Nathan Johnson looks at the first three verses in this chapter and discusses the difference between life and death, God’s purpose for our lives, and the great problem He dealt with on the cross.

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