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Intentional Communication
Episode 224th September 2021 • I Want to Know More - Parenting Montana • Center for Health and Safety Culture
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The key to many parenting challenges is finding ways to communicate with your child where both your needs and your child’s needs are met. While this may sound simple, in the heat of the moment it can be tricky to identify and differentiate your needs and wants and your child’s. This podcast delves into how intentional communication helps both you and your child learn to create space to listen to each other, understand what the other person is feeling as well as their needs and wants, and develop mutually beneficial solutions where both of your needs are met.

Intentional communication grows the brain by creating a safe space for learning. It encourages curiosity from your child rather than defensiveness. Intentional communication teaches and models an effective communication approach that has broad application in many areas of your life and your child’s life. Intentional communication fosters a sense of ownership in the communication because it is participatory, more relevant, and meaningful. provides parents and those in a parenting role examples of how to build important social and emotional skills in their children while engaging in meaningful conversations. Intentional communication is a key way of growing social and emotional skills. This podcast is one of many from The Montana Department of Health and Human Services and the Center for Health and Safety Culture at Montana State University promoting the development of a range of social and emotional skills.