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Stressed out with Work? So Start a Business You'll Love with Le'Siran Edwards Part 1
Episode 162nd December 2020 • Visualise You • Beth Hewitt
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In Episode #16 I'm joined by Ex Social Worker Le'Siran Edwards. We talk about her journey out of a world of pressure and stress to starting a business that was more in alignment with her natural gifts and talents and desire to help others. Le'Siran Talks openly about becoming a carer and putting her dreams on hold and how a career/personality test she took at the age of just 14, predicted the exact career and roles she would have in her adult life!

This is a two-part interview,, so check out the next episode to get the full story. Some of the key takeaways from this episode include:

  • How you might want to try something different when things start piling on top of you.
  • There needs to be more support for social workers, especially when juggling their own life and needs.
  • How things seem to show up at precisely the right time (more on this in episode #17)
  • Trying to stay in control when things get tough.
  • That those friends who can be frank with us and tell us the truth are worth their weight in gold! Sometimes we need to hear the truth!
  • How to deal with emotional attachments to colleagues and careers we've had for a long time, sometimes starting a business and pivoting away can feel like a breakup.
  • If you have a dream, just got for it! Don't wait.
  • Whatever comes easiest to you is your gift!
  • That doors will open for you when you step into your gift.

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