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Renovation Roadmap
Episode 7220th October 2021 • Talking Home Renovations with the House Maven • Katharine White MacPhail//Gabl Media
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Remodeling and construction journeys are complicated. It’s no wonder homeowners get stuck in the process. Having a roadmap means reducing frustration and always knowing your next step.

In this episode, you will discover…….

  • What “roadmap” means in the context of home renovation.
  • Some common mistakes homeowners make on their renovation journey.
  • Whether it’s ever too late in your project to start making your roadmap.
  • How to find the right expert to ask for help.

Link to Mona's Renovation Roadmap

About our guest

Feeling stuck when it comes to navigating your renovation? Mona Ying Reeves is the House Coach that will get you past the overwhelm and moving forward. A serial renovator, architect, and behind-the-scenes design consultant to various HGTV home makeover shows, Mona founded Kickstart House to support and empower homeowners with their renovation journeys.

After years of seeing homeowners struggle with a complicated construction landscape, Mona’s on a mission to help homeowners align their surroundings and their journeys with their best lives. With Kickstart House, she’s taken her proven framework of delivering dream homes for high-end clients and refined it into a roadmap that any homeowner can follow.

In addition to coaching homeowners, Mona is a licensed architect in the state of California. She holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley.

Learn more about Mona Ying Reeves

Website: Kickstart House

Facebook: Kickstart House

Twitter: Kickstart House


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