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Episode #36: How to Fire People Properly (and Respectfully), and Why a Blog Beats a News Release
Episode 3614th December 2020 • Talking Shop Podcast • Cam MacMurchy and Ewan Christie
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It's the end of the year, and that can sometimes mean layoffs. It's cruel to let somebody go right before Christmas - at least in western countries - but it happens more than you'd think. This week Ewan helps explain the meaning behind terms like "terminated with cause" and "without cause," and the steps employers should take to reduce risk and treat the employee respectfully. There's lots of good and practical information in this discussion, so don't miss it!

Then Cam talks about how blogs are becoming equal to - or even more effective than - the traditional news release. He explains how this change has happened over the last few years, why some continue to resist blogs, and advice for companies who want to tell compelling stories to their audiences and customers.

In Check This Out, Ewan shares a remarkable story about well-known website (which we can't name here without triggering all kinds of bots!) and the damage it's causing, while Cam looks at the new docuseries on Netflix about former International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Khan.

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Ewan Christie is an employment lawyer and partner at Duntrune LLP in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Cam MacMurchy is a corporate communications executive with a multinational technology company listed in Hong Kong and curator of the Digital Bits PR and Communications newsletter. He also contributes to Apple news website 9to5Mac and shares his thoughts on PR, media, travel, and technology on his website.