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81. Finding Rhythms That Serve Your Family Best with Ashley Spriggs
Episode 8115th August 2022 • The Business Journey Podcast • Rebecca Rice
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I'm pleased to have Ashley Spriggs on with me today! She is a wife, mom to 3 little ones and owner of Pivot Media! We're excited to talk about finding rhythms that serve your family best. This is crucial especially when it comes to thriving in both "worlds" so to speak. Today is all about the rhythm not the routine! Rhythm gives you movement and allow flexibility vs. being boxed into a routine. Let's dive into finding rhythms that serve your family best!

Priorities & Values

Sitting down with your spouse and actually talking through what is valued most is a must. You can't come with your own expectations and force them on everyone else. Talk through what you value! Afterward prioritize from greatest to least. It's interesting because within our values we all have unique rhythms that allow us to accomplish them. And learning how your family functions - whether they are morning people, work around naps or like to have a quiet space all plays into your family rhythm.

Finding a New Rhythm in New Seasons

Looking at actual seasons of life and asking questions: what worked in the last season? What didn't work? What do we value moving forward? Then the implementation needs to be practiced for a few weeks. Find what works! Another thing is don't be afraid to ask questions that challenge where you are and stay flexible! Being aware of what is needed in today will help give your longevity to endure tough seasons. Seasons of transition are inevitable and often the hardest. You almost have to mesh an old rhythm with a new one which is why flexibility will save you. Rhythm without flexibility is actually routine!

Write Out a Flow

Sit down and put together 5 potential rhythms that work for the week. And don't do Monday through Sunday, utilize Monday through Friday and allow the weekends to fuel your family. If Monday's rhythm works then build on it Tuesday. If Monday's rhythm caused stress and anxiety, it's ok! Tomorrow is a new day. Sometimes it's trial and error until you see what fits. And don't forget finding rhythms that serve your family best takes time. It requires flexibility and practice. Learning to ebb and flow with the season your kids are in, the new natural seasons like school starting and knowing people's preferences will help tremendously!

Tune in to hear more from this conversation. It's jam packed with relatable content and will help you wherever you are in this season!

What We Discussed

Priorities & Values (8:28)

Finding a New Rhythm in New Seasons (16:53)

Write Out a Flow (35:40)