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Shame On You: LDS 12 Step Program Facilitator Speaks Out
Episode 7625th September 2023 • Mormon.ish • Rebecca Bibliotheca
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On this episode of Mormonish Podcast, Rebecca and Landon are joined by James Hofheins, a former 12 Step Addiction Program facilitator for the LDS church.

James discusses how facilitators are chosen and rarely have any kind of experience or training. He tells us more about how the 12 Step Programs work and how people who are referred to these programs often slip deeper into shame and guilt.

James has a very interesting story himself and it was fascinating to delve deeper into the world of LDS therapy programs in general. In light of the recent Jodi Hildebrandt revelations on abuses within the LDS therapy system, this topic is not only timely but very important and we thank James for being willing to share his story.

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