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Justice, Revenge, Complicity and Creativity
Episode 14519th June 2023 • Hey, Boomer • Wendy Green
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Episode #145:

Rebecca Keller, a visual artist, has recently released her first novel, "You Should Have Known." It takes place in an assisted living facility and the main character faces a moral dilemma of justice and revenge. She realizes along the way how her actions bring unexpected consequences and potentially make others complicit in her actions.

In this episode, we explore her book and the themes of justice and revenge. We also discuss whether creativity is something that can be developed or is hard-wired into someone.

Wendy and Rebecca examine the topic of responsibility and accountability in public life. Rebecca uses a compelling analogy, saying, "you toss a stone in a pond, and the ripple spreads," to explain the far-reaching impact of decisions made by those in power. Their discussion highlights the importance of awareness of potential consequences of one's actions and asserts that accountability gets compounded with the knowledge of these consequences.

When we get back to the question of creativity, Rebecca talks about the importance of being patient, taking time to search for fresh and unique ideas, and not giving up too soon when attempting something creative or new. She notes that failures are part of the creative process. The challenge is learning how to distinguish what things are working and what things are not.


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