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Find your purpose - Interview with Catherine LifeDesign
Episode 5520th October 2020 • Beyond the Hustle | The Happy, Wealthy and Free Entrepreneur • Lydia Sophia Wilmsen
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In today's episode I interview Catherine LifeDesign, Purpose and Business Coach on how to find your purpose and turn your abilities into an online product.

So many, even successful entrepreneurs, long for more meaning and true fulfilment. Catherine shared her 5step formula on how to build a successful online business based on your purpose. If those 5 pillars are taken care of you truly work from your zone of genius and follow your calling.

There were so many nuggets of gold in this interview, and I just want to leave you with this teaser: Commit yourself fully, ask how you can make your life easier and more joyful, and let life surprise you a little. This is how Catherine built her super successful company and lives an exciting life here on Cyprus many dream of.

This is a must listen episode!! 😎

Plus, make sure to listen to the Masterclass (in german) from Catherine on how to create an online offer based on your skills and experiences: 

Enjoy and much love to you!




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