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Films About St. Louis: A View from the Director's Chair
15th November 2021 • Saint Louis In Tune • Motif Media Group
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Directors Damien D. Smith and Alana Marie provide background and attention to important events in their respective films "Target: St. Louis Vol. I" and "The Kinloch Doc." The films are a part of the St. Louis International Film Festival and can be seen online. "Target: St. Louis Vol I," tells the story of the U.S. government’s secret Cold War-era dispersal of aerosolized radioactive material in Pruitt-Igoe and other North City locations with majority Black populations to gauge their effects. "The Kinloch Doc" explores how two major political decisions — a city merger and the Lambert Airport buyout — essentially destroyed the community.

[01:08] Background

[02:30] "Target: St. Louis Vol I" Overview

[04:08] Government and Company Complicity

[11:44] The St. Louis Black Community

[14:22] Where to get more information and Future Volumes?

[22:38] Background

[23:35] Writing and Storytelling

[24:11] Overview of "The Kinloch Doc"

[27:22] The Airport Buyout

[29:57] The Strength of Community

[31:02] From Social Work to Film Director

[34:48] The Dissolution of the Kinloch Schools

[39:08] Kinloch Today

[41:55] Will there be more films from you?

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