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Voices from the International Accounting Forum Pt 3
Episode 425th July 2022 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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On behalf of the Accounting Influencers Broadcast Network (AIBN), this is the "Success in Accounting" show, going live every Monday. For our regular listeners, the original name Accounting Influencers has now moved from 'one show with 6 episodes a week' to 'five shows a week, 1 episode a day'.

In this episode 4 of the brand new Success in Accounting podcast, we hear more live interviews from the recent International Accounting Forum and Awards 2022 which took place in London recently. AIBN were the official knowledge and broadcast partners of the event which featured the great and the good in the world of accounting networks, associations, alliances, institutes and professional bodies. Also present are representatives from large accounting firms (including top 4) and prestigious software/fintech vendors to the profession.

Guests interviewed by Rob Brown on this show are:

  1. Stuart Handley, SVP of Marketing and Communications at SIlverfin
  2. John Toon, Tech Strategy Lead at Beever and Struthers
  3. Tom Dinwiddy, Senior Enterprise Account Executive at Dayshape
  4. Simon Montague, Senior Enterprise Account Executive at Dayshape

Enjoy the live buzz of the event! If you'd like to book for 2023, the date is 29 June.


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