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14 - Retained EU Law Conference Part 1 with Kieron Beal KC, Tom de la Mare KC, James Segan KC and Gayatri Sarathy
Episode 1422nd February 2024 • The Litigation Podcast • Blackstone Chambers
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Tune in to episode 14 of the Blackstone Chambers Litigation Podcast, as Kieron Beal

KC presents recorded highlights from the 2023 Retained EU Law Conference.

Joined by Tom de la Mare KC, James Segan KC and Gayatri Sarathy, the panel

provides an insightful introduction to The Retained EU Law (REUL) Act 2023.

The REUL Act is the final chapter in a huge and complex five-year legislative

exercise to give effect to Brexit in UK law. Among the Act’s many major

effects, it “sunsets” significant parts of retained EU law; abolishes (unless

specifically saved) directly effective provisions from Directives and general

principles; and makes important changes to how retained EU law operates; whilst

giving the Government yet further executive powers to amend or remove retained

EU law by way of delegated legislation. The conference explained the general

provisions of the Act in detail as well as exploring potential impacts in key

affected sectors such as employment, environmental law, tax, financial

services, telecoms and energy.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where Kieron Beal KC, Naina Patel, Emily Neill, Ravi Mehta, Harry

Adamson and Hollie Higgins explore the potential impacts of the

REUL Act in key affected sectors.




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